• Free Estimate  /  We’ll meet you and learn about the history of your car. Our technicians will then prepare a detailed estimate of what they’ll do to restore your car to like-new condition.  All services are performed mobile at your home or office.

•Ceramic Coatings, Paint Sealants & Teflon Coatings  /  We use high grade paint sealants with heavy duty polymers to give that long lasting finish protection and outstanding shine and ensure optimum gloss and durability. 

• New/Used Car Protection Packages /    Protect your investment with a high quality paint sealant and interior fabric guard to help fight against stains.  Also, consider tinting the windows for added protection against UV rays which may harm the interior over a period of time.

• Expert Detailing  /  We offer a range of detailing services to make your car gleam like new. We offer 25% off standard detailing rates to multi-detail purchases.  Ask us for our complete menu of options.  

-Basic Detail/Wash         Hand wash w/ spot-free water
                  $40plus         Rim/Wheel Treatment
                                       Vacuum & Dusting
                                       Door Jams Cleaned
                                       WIndow & Mirrors 
                                       Cupholders Cleaned
                                       Console/Woodgrain Clean
                                       Shine/Protection on Dash
                                       Tire Dressing
                                       Air Fragrance

-Magic Clay        Clay bar recommended before waxing in order to remove any surface contaminants caused          $45plus           by organic fallout or particles resting and adhering to vehicle.  This pre-treatment will give that          smooth, glassy feel to the surface.

-Mini Detail         All services of basic detail plus Carnuba hand waxing
                   $95plus       Carpet & Floor Mat Shampoo or Seat Cleaning (Leather or Fabric)
                                       Interior & Exterior Shine/trim protectant

-Full Detail         All services of basic detail plus Magic Clay clear coat treatment
                    $165plus     Carnuba Hand wax
                                       Carpet & Floor mats Shampoo (Power wash floor mats)
                                       Door Panels Cleaned  & Conditioned
                                       Leather or Fabric Treatment
                                       Complete interior cleaning of coffee/soda spills, grease & grime 
                                       Full interior & exterior shine/UV protectant applied to trim & rubber                                                           -Platinum           All services of Full Detail
                     $265+       Clear coat and window treatment with Magic Clay to remove contaminants
                                       Machine or Hand compounding to remove surface scratches 
                                       High speed Polishing for color enhancement and swirl remover
                                       Carnuba Hand wax for long lasting protection against the elements
                                       Interior Shampoo includes carpet, floor mats, seats, panels etc
                                       Console/Dash cleaning and all compartments
                                       Fabric Protectant applied to cloth seats, carpet & mats.  
                                       Leather cleaning/PH bal. & leather lotion treatment
                                       Complete interior and exterior shine with UV guard
                                       Rag/Cloth Top Fabric Protectant
                                       Wheel Polishing where applicable
                                       Headlight Polishing if needed
                                       Anything else we find necessary to clean no matter how long it takes

• Window Tinting & Removal  /  We highly suggest protecting the interior of your vehicle against damaging UV rays from the sun with a high quality, long lasting window film.  This can also help to greatly reduce the internal temperature of the vehicle.  Materials and craftsmanship are guaranteed to be of the upmost quality to meet customer expectations.     

*Windshield Rock Chip Repair /   Most windshield rock chips & cracks can be repaired if they are size of a quarter or smaller.

*RV & Boat Detailing /  Complete interior & exterior available. To maintain your investment you must remember to detail your RV or boat regularly.  Visual estimates usually necessary.

*Leather PH Bal. & Conditioning /  We do all kinds of leather in all kinds of places.  We can treat your leather sofas and chairs at your home or office, RV and cars and bring back that deep, rich luster in the leather.

*Plastic/Vinyl Window /  Don't forget to protect and restore your clear plastic or vinyl windows with our ultimate protection coatings that help fight against corrosion and damage from the sun and salt air.  We can do your convertible top windows, boat canopy, eisenglass windows and restaurant patio partition windows as well.

More Individual Services

                                       Scratch removal (color sanding, buffing, touch up painting)
                                       Wheel Polishing- aluminum & chrome
                                       Leather & Fabric Repair
                                       Waterproof Convertible Top
                                       Aluminum, chrome & diamond plate polishing
                                       Headlight Restoration

Other than car care
                                       Rain gutter cleaning and powerwashing
                                       Statue cleaning/power washing
                                       Driveway and patio cleaning/power washing
                                       Leather Chair & Sofa Cleaning- PH balance & condition
                                       Plastic/Vinyl Windows Cleaning & Re-conditioning 
​                                       Button and snap repair or replace

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